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The Home Contractors Web is an affiliate of The Long Island Web and is part of a very large network of websites designed to promote businesses across Long Island and beyond.

As each new business joins our community of websites they expand their internet presence greatly. This Web Community is like no other, it is comprised of 50+ categorical websites containing hundreds of businesses all linked together to make it easier for the public to find the business they are looking for.

Relying on search engines to locate these businesses is not a practical method for a number of reasons including the fact that many businesses still dont have a website which makes it impossible to find them through the internet phonebook.

Another reason is that a business must spend a tremendous amount of money to optomize their position in the search engines, it is very costly for a small to mid size business to do so. Basically paying these large sums of money to optomize your position becomes a money pit because you must keep paying monthly in order to maintain your position and once you stop paying you fall out quickly and it is that much harder to move up. With so many businesses now in the website pool and so many keywords being used it makes it almost impossible to be in the top 10 or 20 for any length of time. Most people search the top 20 for their needs and never see the rest. There are many other reasons why relying on search engines is not the best way to increase your web presence. 

We Invite You to Join Us!

We are offering a very low introductory rate to join us, as more and more businesses realize the benefits of joining our web community the value of the community increases and so will our rates.

Those businesses that join now will be guaranteed a fixed annual rate for the life of their Ad. Those that choose to wait until this introductory offer expires will be subject to the new and variable rate. This variable rate will reflect the current value of the web community at the time plus any sales commissions to be paid out to our sales representatives.

In either case our rates are still very affordable for small to mid-size businesses looking to establish or expand their internet presence.  


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